„I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.“
David Lynch
Axel Groß is an art director specialized in computer imaging. 
He was born 1972 as Karcher in Munich, and is married to costume designer Grit Groß with two daughters. During his childhood he moved often, due to frequent redeployments of his father working with the German armed forces. The longest time Axel and his two sisters grew up in Lower Saxony, where he graduated high school and worked for the German Red Cross.
Subsequently he was trained in architecture at the University of Hanover and TU Delft, learning traditional skills and freelancing for architectural firms. During the time he became drawn to photorealistic computer generated imaging, which served as the source of income during his studies. With lighting being arguably the most advanced subject to simulate, he pivoted to work for the architectural lighting design industry in order to further specialize in rendering and learn more about designing with light.
In early adolescence Axel discovered film culture as a fascination, which grew on from there on as a major point of interest. Expanding his artistic and theoretical skillset regarding designing and lighting for camera, he continued to studied scenography and production design at University for Television and Film Munich (HFF). 
After post-graduation he started a boutique creative studio focussed on design and media production in Berlin. The framework was named Gobo, after a common tool for shaping light and shadow. He continued to live in Berlin for over 20 years. Groß worked for various clients from design and advertisement, and lectured media design and informatics. 
Since 2022 he introduced AI generated imaging into his process. His field of work includes artwork and design commissions, consulting and animated short films. 
Short film, 2005
5 minutes, 16:9 HD
Brooklyn International Film Festival, USA
Prix Ars Electronica Festival, Austria
Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, Netherlands
Court Métrange Festival, France
Cine Sans Filet Festival, France
Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey
Screamfest Film Festival, USA
Némo Festival, France
SBS TV, Australia